Lynette Spencer

Live through experience and work together

Looking into the self as an individual coupled with past and present experiences drives the work I create. My interests are vast as the memories of the creation of self are. Events and experiences in time change who I am, who I could be or who I could have become. As a twin, finding my individual identity is a hard task, but realizing that my co-twin has had a different timeline in life, although sometimes similiar, helps when I see the differences between us. The events we have been through together have somehow effected us differently, creating individuality as have the events we have experienced apart.


Book, paper and printmaking offer so many options to express individuality. Printmaking lends itself to a single image, or multiple copies with slight variation. Book formats can encompass prints while remaining unique and intimate as events in life’s timeline are. Others may have experienced a similar event, yet what they take from it can be wildly different, and the same holds true to books. Handmade paper in my work is used as the sculptural element, the housing of the book, and often the key element that helps tell the whole story. While I do make editions with the goal of uniformity, each sheet of paper, each crease of a page, every minor detail can and will vary because exact replicas cannot exist as is true in the human race.